How to go vegan?

We've gathered the best video guides, websites and support groups in order to help you learn how to go vegan!

Overall, our best advice is to keep an open mind regarding trying new foods and to maintain a positive outlook!

 We've gathered the best video guides, websites and support groups in order to help you learn how to go vegan!

Challenge 22+  —  All your questions answered!

Challenge 22+
All your questions answered!

100% Free

Registered Dietitians

Personal Mentor

Notably the best vegan support group out there, not to mention it's both online and free! Hundreds of vegan mentors, as well as registered dietitians, are there to help you take your first steps.

Changing what we eat can be hard at first, but after that initial period is over - being vegan becomes second nature! The good news is you don't have to take the first and harder steps on your own!

During 22 days you will receive valuable tips, delicious recipes, and nutritional info, all within a private Facebook group with other people who want to be vegan as well! In addition, you will also be assigned a personal mentor to chat with whenever you need one-on-one support.

Free online services that provide help on how to go vegan:


Hundreds of recipes and tips on how to shop vegan in non-vegan restaurants and supermarkets.   Best suited for UK, US, and Australian residents.

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Vegan Easy

30 days of easy vegan recipes,
in addition to a shopping guide and a list of vegan-friendly restaurants in Australia.
Best suited for Australians.

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Vegan Mentor Program

Do you need help making the transition? Already vegan and want one-on-one support? This global program will help you!

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User-friendly website with helpful information to get you started!
Available in: English, Español, Português.

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More resources that can help you go vegan!

Happy Cow

This website/app helps to locate vegan-friendly restaurants near you everywhere in the world!

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This scientific website brings you the latest nutritional knowledge, with a special focus on the whole food, plant-based diet.

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PCRM's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

Learn how to go vegan from leading medical doctors and registered dietitians.

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A free website and app that calculates your daily vitamin intake after you write what you ate. A very useful tool for self-monitoring.

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Facebook groups for help in going vegan

These groups are a fun and friendly environment, where anyone should feel safe to ask questions and chat. If you need help in your vegan journey, then these groups are the right place for you.

Don't speak English well? Find useful resources in your country here.