Be the change you want to see in the world

Embracing a cruelty-free lifestyle is the first step in making this world kinder. The second and equally as important step, is to actively inspire and help others to do the same.

Get into the Food Engineering Field

Get into the food engineering field

By becoming a professional in the fields of food-engineering or 'clean-meat', you would be able to create products that will satisfy people's cravings and habits without using animals.
Plant-based companies such as Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Hampton Creek and more are showing great promise for the future and are already making it easier for people to eat in a more compassionate way. Other clean meat companies such as Supermeat and Memphis Meats are working hard to create cruelty-free 'clean meat'.
If you like science and are interested in building a career that can potentially change the world, this is a direction we recommend you consider. For more information regarding joining this field, approach The Good Food Institute, New Harvest and The Modern Agriculture Foundation.
Produce Viral Content

Produce viral content

Social media has become the most effective medium for sharing educational information, and videos (as opposed to photos or articles) are leading this field by a mile.

Some video creators in the animal rights movement are managing to inspire countless of people to make kinder food choices and try veganism. Prominent examples are James Aspey, Erin Janus, Earthling Ed, Joey Carbstrong, Monami Frost, Rawvana, The Vegan Activist, Bosh! and Bite Size Vegan. Some focus on the educational side, while others help people transition to veganism.

Learning how to edit videos can help you reach and inspire millions of people, but editing skills are not enough. To be a successful social media content creator, you must have the ability to sense/figure out, what content will draw engagement and can interest many people, including non-vegans.

If you believe you have the necessary skills, producing viral content may be the most significant thing you can do.

Become a Challenge22+ Mentor

Become a Challenge22+ mentor

The growing project of Challenge22+ offers Facebook support groups where veteran vegans (6 months plus) can mentor and assist people who are making their first steps towards veganism. 
You will be expected to answer questions published in the group, in addition to providing one-on-one assistance (via private messages on Facebook) to your assigned 'mentees'. 
If you like to express yourself in writing, are willing to spend around an hour per day on Facebook and want to get involved in a positive and life-changing project, we highly recommend becoming a mentor!
Join a Vegan Community in your Area

Find a vegan community in your area and join forces

Together we are stronger and wiser. By joining a local community of vegans, you will be able to learn about activities that are being done in your area and help them be more successful.

In addition, you will be able to start your own initiatives and convince people to join you!

Maintaining a strong vegan community can be highly beneficial for new vegans as well. By being an active part of the community you will be able to offer support to those who need it to keep being vegan.

Visit Vegan Communities in Your Area to find a vegan community near you.
More Ideas

More Ideas

Efficient activism can be divided to 2 sphere: Educational and Practical.

The educational sphere deals with explaining, encouraging and inspiring people to go vegan and/or become vegan activists. Setting Netflix films aside, social media is the current medium for reaching millions of people.

This is why we think these skills can be very valuable to an activist: filming/photography, video editing, social marketing and advertising, translating successful content to another language, web developing, graphic designing, good writing, the ability to give a convincing speech and have it filmed and edited in a professional manner, vlogging, etc.

The practical sphere deals with making veganism more accessible. This can include successful vlogging on how to be vegan, making appealing video recipes, joining or opening a vegan restaurant or a vegan food company, convincing non-vegan restaurants to add vegan dishes and more. Basically, whatever you can think of that will help people become and stay vegan.