Beautiful Videos – Animals who are Free, Protected & Loved

A collection of beautiful, heart touching videos to encourage compassion for animals.

Animals Hug Humans

Animals show their love for the humans that care for them. This is one of the most beautiful and heart touching videos you will ever see.

Happy Animals

This spectacular video features a collection of happy animals running, jumping, playing and enjoying life.

The Best Hug Video

This goose-woman hug is the best hugging video ever. It's amazing how much love the goose has for his human mom. Watch with sound!

Pufferfish - The Ultimate Lover | BBC Earth

Puffer fishes will work 24 hours a day, 7 days in a row, to construct a stunning sand artwork. An incredible video from BBC Earth.

The Intelligence of Cows

The cleverness of cows like you have never seen before. A beautiful video with amazing animals!

A Beautiful Trailer for OKJA

OKJA is one of the most important films today. This is a heart touching trailer for this magnificent film.

All Mothers Love their Babies

Mothers from all species have a special bond with their children. This beautiful & heart touching video allows us to witness this bond from up close.

Animals Enjoy Life

Even though every species communicates in different ways, it's easy to understand that the animals in this video are enjoying themselves.

Ever Wanted to Cuddle a Cow?

A lot of people think only dogs and cats like to cuddle, but that is not true. These rescued cows are used to receiving human affection and they value it very much.

Beautiful Animal Friendships: Duck & Dog

A lovely video featuring an unusual couple: dog & duck. These two best friends love to play together and enjoy the company of each other.

Mama Pig's Reaction to Freedom

Watch the amazing freedom dance of Hope, a mother pig who was rescued together with her 6 piglets from a meat farm. Amazing video!

When a Cow is Really Happy to See You

Diane the rescued cow is truly happy being in Farm Sanctuary. Watch her dance in joy when she sees the person that rescued her from a dairy farm.

2 Girls Raised on an Animal Sanctuary

Meet Aurora & Phoenix, 2 adorable girls who were born and raised on an animals sanctuary. A beautiful story!

Animals See Freedom for the First Time

Watch rescued animals taste freedom for the very first time, after a life of suffering in factory farms.

Fadjen Plays with Wheel - Spectacular Video

Fadjen the bull was destined to die in a fighting ring, but then he was rescued by a kind man. Watch this majestic bull play and enjoy life in his new home.

From Tears of Fear to Tears of Joy

Emma the cow was destined to be slaughtered for meat. Fortunately, she was rescued by good hearted people. This amazing video follows her journey to the sanctuary.