This chilling footage was taken by Animal Equality at Fir Tree Pig Farm in Lincolnshire, UK. In the footage, taken between April and May of 2018, we can see how workers kick mother pigs in the face and use pitchforks to hurt them. The violence is so painful, the pigs are constantly screaming their lungs out. Sadly, since modern pig farms are built with many cages and enclosures, the pigs can’t escape the daily violence they face.

In the video we can see how a worker who entered a small enclosure decides to pick on one pregnant pig. After he kicks her face, the intelligent pig pulls herself together and decides to move to the opposite side of the enclosure - in order to satisfy the worker and not get hit again. The worker waits until she has to pass near him, and kicks the helpless pig from a short distance. His message to the pig is clear: “You have zero control over when I hit you.”

Sadly, the workers don’t settle for kicks and use pitchforks as well. In another incident we can see how they force a pig to get into an enclosure with another pig who takes her frustration on her. As the terrorized pig desperately tries to escape the enclosure with the dominant pig, the workers laugh.

Yes. Thanks to Animal Equality and the whistle-blowers that triggered this investigation, three workers were trialed. Usually, reports to the police regarding cruelty to farmed animals are closed quickly and never reach trial, but this case was different.

Sadly, although the workers were found guilty, their punishments were symbolic and did not include jail time or any future restrictions regarding working with animals. In this sentence, the court is signaling to the meat industry that animal cruelty will not result in any significant punishments.

Giving that one of the main objectives of criminal law is deterrence, this case teaches us yet again that current legal systems are not willing to protect farm animals. Courts punish in order to seek justice for the victims, but also to deter future criminals from committing the same crime. Sadly, this ruling that offers no protection to animals is in line with other rulings from around the world.

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