Pig Videos - Happy Pigs, Smart Pigs, Loved Pigs

This collection of pig videos illustrates how smart, curious & loyal pigs are. If you appreciate pigs, this is the ultimate video collection for you!

Each one of the pig videos featured on this page reveals the complex lives and personalities of pigs.

Mind-Blowing Pig Intelligence

Just how smart pigs are? The cleverness of these pigs will blow your mind!

Pig Hug

Miguel the rescued pig expressing his joy while sharing hugs and kisses with his human father.

Happy Pig - Mama Pig's Reaction to Freedom

Watch the amazing freedom dance of Hope, a mother pig who was rescued together with her 6 piglets.

Happy Pigs Sliding in the Mud

These adorable pigs are so smart that they figured out how to use the muddy grass as a slider!

Pig Brings Food to his Injured Brother

His brother has trouble walking, so what does Henry the pig does when lunch arrives?

Rescued Pigs Show Their Amazing Personalities

In this heartwarming video, we get a fascinating glimpse into the extraordinary personalities of rescued pigs.

Rescued Pigs Get a 2nd Chance in an Animal Sanctuary

Watch some of the luckiest pigs in the world while they enjoy their new life.

Pig and Cow Comfort Each Other

A loving moment between two soulmates. A truly heart touching video.

Momma Pig Protects Baby

When she saw her baby was in danger, this caring mother pig did everything she could to save him.

Pig Mourns the Loss of his Close Friend

Spot and Sientje have lived by each other’s side for 13 years. When Sientje passed away, Spot found it very hard to let go.

Smart Pigs Arguably Show Altruism

A family of black pigs joins forces in order to push a dying fish back to water.