Your Page's Distribution Has Been Reduced | Facebook Penalty

This page only tries to find out how many people have received the "Your Page's Distribution Has Been Reduced" penalty message from Facebook.

The description of this penalty says the following:

"Your page [page name] was flagged for limited  originality of content, which includes posting or repurposing content from other sources while providing limited added value. Your Page's distribution has been reduced, and this may affect your eligibility to use monetization tools."

If you are one of these people and curious how many others have received this penalty as well, click on this YouTube link and see the number of people who also reached this page and clicked on the same link (watch the view count).

Keep in mind that this penalty began to be implemented only in late March 2019, when Facebook updated their Page Terms with the following paragraph:

14. Limited Originality of Content
Pages must not post or share content that primarily consists of minimal original content.

Your Page's Distribution Has Been Reduced | Facebook Penalty