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What we do?

Basically, we help important videos go viral. But not just any videos, videos that encourage compassion for animals! The type of videos that make us want to do our part to help the animals, the type of videos that can bring about a kinder world. These videos, given the right conditions, can change opinions and open hearts on a massive scale!

How do we do it?

After we locate a video and get the owner's permission, we start to edit and optimize it in order to make it as fascinating and compelling as possible. Then, we publish the video on a strong Facebook page, and in case the video is exceptionally persuasive, we also continue with creating ads to spread the video far and wide.

Why we need your help?

Without financial support, we lack the most valuable tool for helping exceptional videos go viral and reach millions of people. Since our work is charitable, we rely on donations in order to create ads for the most remarkable videos. A monthly donation will help us make sure the most powerful videos on behalf of animals reach the mainstream!

How much would you like to donate?

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Examples of videos we've optimized and distributed:

James Wildman - Kinder World
Philip Wollen - Speech
Earthling Ed - Kinder World
James Aspey - Kinder World
Dying of Thirst - Kinder World
CNN The Last Heart Attack - Kinder World

115,000 people signed up to become vegan through our Facebook page between January 2016 and December 2018:

Chart - Total Signups to Try Veganism

Activity Reports

For a more in depth look on our work and achievements, view our activity reports for the last 4 years.