Kinder World - Selected Edited Works

Kinder World
Selected Edited Works

All of the videos you see in this page were edited by our team.
We hope you'll enjoy the happy ones, and see the value in the sad ones.

All of the videos you see in this page were edited by our team. We hope you'll enjoy the happy ones, and see the value in the sad ones.

A Loving Hand

With their eyes, the animals heading to slaughter tell activists their sad stories. An incredibly powerful video!

Tearful Animals

How does it feel to be taken to the most terrifying place invented by humanity? Such a powerful video.

Mind-Blowing Pig Intelligence

Just how smart pigs are? The cleverness of these pigs will blow your mind!

Just Babies - How Humanity Treats Baby Animals

The heartbreaking reality of baby animals inside the meat, dairy and egg industries.

Animal Hugs Revealing the Power of Love

These epic animal hugs remind us that love is the only way forward. 

Powerful Relationships Between Humans and Animals

This video is dedicated to all those who have opened their hearts to another animal.

Animals Hug Humans

Animals show their strong love to the humans who care for them. This is surely one of the most beautiful animal videos you will ever see.

COVID-19: The Other Side of the Story

A powerful video about the strong connection between COVID-19 and what humanity does to other animals.

Can You Imagine Being in their Place? (Part 2)

A short video that manages to touch the heart deeply.

Animals Ask Humans: What Are We?

This powerful video raises the question animals should be asking humans: What are we?


When the ones who fed you send you to slaughter... A sad and highly emotional video.

How Will Humanity View Animal Slavery in 100 Years?

Speculating the future, this video article examines how society's perception of animal slavery may change over the next century.

Happy Animals Thrive

When given the chance to decide for themselves, animals will always try to be happy and to thrive.

Rescued Chickens Show Their Amazing Personalities

You won't believe the amazing personalities of these chickens and the special bonds they have with the humans in their lives.

Rescued Pigs Show Their Amazing Personalities

In this heartwarming video, we get a fascinating glimpse into the extraordinary personalities of rescued pigs.

Animals Talk

This beautiful video shows how animals talk to humans, using gestures, body language, and sounds.

The Last Breaths

How would you feel knowing something horrible is coming? A powerful video.

The Brutal Lives of Mother Pigs

The unimaginable lives of mother pigs in 60 seconds.

The Hellish Lives of Hens on Egg Farms

The unimaginable lives of hens on egg farms in 60 seconds.

Can You Imagine Being in their Place? (Part 3)

This short video deeply moves the heart by showing how much sorrow we cause other animals.

Hug a Dog - Animals Asking for Love

A beautiful video that delivers a message of compassion in a creative way.

Animals Mourn

Do animals mourn the loss of their loved ones?

3 Historical Human Atrocities That Are Now Legal Toward Animals

Highlighting 3 historical human atrocities condemned when victims were humans but shockingly legalized and perpetrated against other species.

Heroic Animals

This extraordinary video features animals risking their own lives to try and save their loved ones from a dangerous situation.

Real-life Animal Heroes

How far will animals go to live another day? This video will make action movie actors look like amateurs.

My Best Friend

Watch how non-human animals form meaningful friendships with each other.

The Ultimate Evil

With poignant words, coming straight from his heart, David Coles is able to make us see our actions for what they are.

The White Cow

The story of the white cow is one of the most powerful stories ever told. This video will change your entire perception of meat.

Animals Who Love Their Humans

Animals Who Love Their HumansGet ready to have your heart filled with warmth and joy as this heartwarming video showcases the bonds between non-human animals and their humans.

Happy Animals

This wondrous video features a compilation of truly happy animals as they run, jump, play and enjoy life!

Animals Playing with Balls

A magical video of animals who play with a ball as if they were little kids!

Kids & Animals Best Friends

This wonderful video of friendships between children and animals will surely warm your heart.

How Much Animals Want To Live?

This incredible video shows how much animals want to live.

Animals Experience Freedom for the First Time

When all hope was gone, these animals were set free! Their reactions may bring you happy tears.

The Lesson We Have Yet To Learn From COVID-19

A reflection on how our behavior towards other animals compares to what Covid-19 did to us.

Interspecies Animal Friendships

These adorable animals won't let their different species get in the way of their profound friendship.

We Made Animals Helpless

An eye-opening video about the shocking methods that humans use to make farmed animals weak and helpless.

Can You Imagine Being in their Place? (Part 1)

This heart touching video sheds some light on the tragic lives of so many animals around the world.

The Life of a Chicken

The life of a chicken raised for meat, from the chicken’s point of view.

The Life of a Dairy Cow

Learn about the life of dairy cows, through the eyes of one dairy cow.

The Life of a Mother Pig

Learn about the life of mother pigs from one pig's point of view.

5 Unimaginable Scenarios from Inside a Slaughterhouse

This powerful video features five real scenarios that routinely happen in slaughterhouses.

The Fate of Male Baby Calves in the Dairy Industry

This heart touching video doesn't show how the short lives of male calves end, but it does raise a vital question.

Animal Hugs

So many emotions of warmth and love in one video.

Can Animals Be Happy in Captivity?

An emtoional glimpse into the unimaginable realities of animals in captivity.

The Devastating Consequences of Animal Agriculture on Earth

A breathtaking video that brings a gloomy picture of how animal agriculture is destroying the environment and changing life on Earth.

Bearing Witness to Pigs - Animal Save Movement

In memory of Regan Russell, this heartfelt video features the peaceful act of bearing witness to pigs.

Hero Kids Save Animals

A heart touching video of brave kids who save their animal friends from slaughter.

The Origin of COVID-19

How is torturing animals linked to COVID-19 and why we must take it seriously before deadlier pandemics come our way.

A Tribute to All Mothers

This beautiful video is a Mother's Day tribute to all the mothers on earth, especially those that are often not even seen as mothers. ❤️

8 Amazing Things Animals Do Better Than Humans

There is so much we don't know about other animals.

Sentenced to Death: Animal Lifespan in the Meat Industry

Most people have no idea they are eating animals who were less than 1 year old.

This Man Makes You Think - James Wildman

A 10-minute version of James Wildman's brilliant presentation.

This Man Will Inspire You - James Aspey

A 10-minute version of James Aspey's inspiring speech.

Ever Wanted to Cuddle a Cow?

A lot of people think only dogs and cats like to cuddle, but that is not true. Let the cows in this video tell you how much they value affection.

Chicken Cuddles

After a life full of pain, these lucky chickens finally learn what love is ❤️

Hugs with Cows

This lovely video may cause you to want to rescue a cow yourself!

Last Moment of Grace

Watch the incredible, yet heart-breaking moment of a baby cow reuniting with his mother after they were separated.

A Parallel World - If Animals Acted Like Humans

Powerful art shows us what it's like to be an animal in today's world.

Beautiful Animal Friendships

This joyful video will surely bring a smile to your face.

Geese Saying Goodbye

This story touched the hearts of millions of people in China.

I'd Love To Eat Meat Again

Ninja Warrior winner, Tim Shieff, speaks from the heart and touches the soul deeply.

Beautiful Animal Friendships: Duck & Dog

A lovely video with an unusual couple: a dog & a duck. These two best friends love to play together while enjoying the company of each other.

A Beautiful Trailer for OKJA

OKJA is one of the most important films today. This is a heart touching trailer that we have edited for this magnificent film.

Pregnant Cow Escapes Slaughter to Save Baby

While headed to slaughter, this brave cow managed to do the impossible!

Two Girls Raised on an Animal Sanctuary

Meet two adorable girls who were raised on an animal sanctuary since the moment they were born.

Rescued Animals Receive Love for the First Time

Even though these animals never knew love, their reactions show how much they needed it.

The Cruel Fate of Easter Lambs

What happens to baby lambs every year before Easter?