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Why Did a Big Meat Eater, Who Didn’t Even Love Animals, Decide to go Vegan?

James Aspey was convinced that veganism is extreme and unhealthy. But one day, he decided to stop eating meat, just to see how it made him feel physically. James felt so unbelievably good, that he decided to take a deeper look into the other reasons that lead so many people around the world to stop eating meat.

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Gary Yourofsky's Speech

This profound speech is our first recommendation for anyone who wants to get a thorough understanding of veganism and animal rights.

James Aspey's Inspiring Speech

10 minutes of pure inspiration: hear why a big meat eater who doesn't love animals, decided to go vegan.


EARTHLINGS is the single most powerful & informative documentary about society's tragic use of non-human animals. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

James Wildman's Presentation

James Wildman's educational presentation on our daily food choices is absolutely brilliant. A must-see for everyone.

Erin Janus: Dairy is Scary 

YouTube vlogger Erin Janus explains the dairy industry in 5 powerful minutes. We highly recommend watching this short video to learn more about the dairy industry.

Philip Wollen's Speech

This breathtaking 10-minute speech from Philip Wollen covers in striking fashion all the reasons why humans should embrace veganism. A real wake-up call for humanity.

Farm to Fridge

Mercy For Animals' landmark 11-minute documentary reveals the unbearable reality behind meat, eggs, and dairy.

In addition to reducing the suffering of animals, a vegan diet can be highly beneficial for one's health, along with being crucial for the protection of the environment.

The best health documentaries:

The Last Heart Attack - CNN Documentary

Dr. Gupta, CNN's Chief medical correspondent, has been investigating the No. 1 killer in the US for over a year. Now, he has life-saving information to share; things that your doctor may not tell you.

What The Health

This Netflix feature documentary took the world by storm and inspired many professional athletes to go vegan in order to improve their performance.

Dr. Michael Greger: How Not to Die

Focusing on studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, Michael Greger, M.D. offers practical advice on how to prevent, treat, and even reverse the leading causes of death in humans.

Forks Over Knives

A fascinating documentary which examines vast evidence that indicate that many diseases can be controlled, or even reversed, by not consuming animal-based or processed foods.

Food as Medicine - Dr. Michael Greger

Based on the latest scientific research, Michael Greger, M.D. explores the role that diet can play in preventing, slowing, and even reversing our most common diseases.

Dr. Baxter Montgomery : A Role Model M.D.

Dr. Baxter Montgomery is saving lives by prescribing food as medicine to his patients. This video provides life-changing information while featuring Montgomery's incredible work.

The best environmental documentaries:

COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret

A fierce documentary that follows Kip as he discovers the hazards caused by animal agriculture. His quest to understand why environmental organizations hide this information will shock you.


An eye-opening video that explains how our eating habits impact the ocean.

Planet Earth

"This is the video future generations will be wishing everyone watched today."
~ Leonardo DiCaprio