Animal Wisdom Videos – The Hidden Personalities of Farmed Animals

A collection of incredible videos that show us a different side of the animals our society exploits for "food".

The Intelligence of Cows

The cleverness of cows like you have never seen before. A beautiful video with amazing animals!

Pufferfish - The Ultimate Lover | BBC Earth

Puffer fishes will work non-stop for 24 hours a day, 7 days in a row, to construct stunning sand art. An incredible video from BBC Earth.

Pigs Mourns the Loss of his Close Friend

Spot and Sientje have lived by each other’s side for 13 years. When Sientje passed away, Spot was finding it hard to let go.

Hen Plays Dead to Keep Suitor Away

Hen pretends to be dead to keep an unwanted suitor away. Make sure to watch until the end 🙂

Crab Protects his Beloved from a Threat

This crab does everything in his power to protect his beloved from a human threat.

Pig Brings Food to his Injured Brother

His brother has trouble walking, so what does Henry the pig does when lunch arrives?

Geese Saying Goodbye

This story touched the hearts of millions of people in China.

Chicken Waits for School Bus Everyday

Everyday, Frog The Rooster waits for the school bus to arrive home so he can reunite with his human friend. Adorable!

Cow Grieves in Silence her Lost Baby

This mother cow stood still like this for hours, mourning the loss of her newborn baby.