The Truth about the Dairy Industry: Uncensored

These videos expose the truth about the dairy industry and the horrors that cows, goats, sheep & their babies endure on dairy farms.

Shooting Baby Calves to Death

See what dairy farms do to male calves shortly after they are born. The footage is very hard to watch, but it's vital that everyone know this is happening.

Cow Chases Dairy Farmer in Order To Protect Baby

This mother cow does all she can in order to help her friend keep her baby. She won't let what happened to her, happen this time to her friend!

Udder Flaming of Mother Cows

Why would farmers place fire up against the udders of cows? This horrible practice, as well as other practices, make the life of cows a living hell.

The Slaughter Of Pregnant Cows

Did you know dairy farms send cows to their death when they are still pregnant? This is without a doubt one of the darkest secrets of the dairy industry.

Calf Slaughter - The Killing of Baby Cows

Even though it sounds insane, the killing of calves is essential for the production of dairy and meat. Although it's  hard to watch, it's vital we know the truth.

Baby Cows Slaughtered in Front Of Each Other

‏This Swiss abattoir stabs calves in front of each other in order to sell their flesh as "humane meat".

How the Dairy Industry Imprisons Baby Cows

A drone reveals where dairy farms keep the calves soon after kidnapping them from their moms. As can be seen, their fate is pure misery.

Dairy is Scary! As Explained by Erin Janus

The dairy industry explained in just 5 minutes. All in all, this is one of the best videos on the topic.

Separation Between Mother Cow & her Baby

Due to our desire to drink the milk of cows, dairy farms tear babies from their mothers for good. Given that cows make milk for their babies, how can we justify this?

Baby Cows - The Shocking Reality

You won't believe what 4-day-old calves endure on dairy farms unless you see it with your own eyes.

What Workers Do When They Think Nobody is Looking

You won't believe how this dairy farm in Ohio treats cows and calves unless you see it.  Sadly, these images are anything but rare.

Female Calves Killed with Hammers

Watch what happens to sick or weak female calves soon after they are born at a dairy facility.

A Frightened Look into a Big U.S. Dairy Farm

This secret video from a big U.S. dairy farm will make you think twice before eating milk and cheese.

Heartbreaking: The Truth about Goat Milk

Imagine giving birth to your first baby, only to have him snatched away from you shortly after he's born.

Mother Cow & Baby Reunite

Shortly after they took him from his mom, this young calf goes on a quest to reunite with her.

My Story

The heart touching story of a mother who had her newly born baby taken away from her soon after birth.

Male Calves Killed with Hammers

Watch what the dairy industry does to sick or weak male calves soon after they are born.