Tiny Calves Tortured in Front of their Moms - UK Organic Milk

This sad footage by Animal Equality is from an organic dairy farm that supplies Waitrose, a UK supermarket chain. The certified organic farm by the name of "Coombe Farm Organic Dairy" is located in Somerset, UK.

In this video we can see how workers forcefully slam newborn calves against the floor and hold them down so they can’t move. Then, the workers continue to insert a plastic tube down the babies' throats.

This is done in order to force-feed the babies colostrum, which is vital for their immune system. The poor babies scream in agony while they're being forced-fed, but it's all in vain.

Naturally, a baby calf would get the needed colostrum by nursing from their mother cow. However, on dairy farms, baby calves are taken away from their mothers, so they can't get colostrum by nursing. Since colostrum is vital for newly born calves, many dairy farms choose to force-feed it to the babies.

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