Cow Videos - Happy Cows, Intelligent Cows, Loved Cows, Free Cows

This cow videos collection illustrates how gentle & lovable animals cows are. If you love cows, this is the ultimate video collection for you!

Each one of the cow videos featured in this page can teach us about the complex emotional world of cows.

Ever Wanted to Cuddle a Cow?

A lot of people think only dogs and cats like to cuddle, but that is not true. These rescued cows are used to receiving human affection and they value it very much.

The Intelligence of Cows

See how clever cows really are while also discovering their playful side and beautiful personalities!

Fadjen Plays with Wheel - Spectacular Video

Fadjen the bull was destined to die in a fighting ring, but then he was rescued by a kind man. Watch this majestic bull play and enjoy life in his new home.

When a Cow is Really Happy to See You

Diane the rescued cow is truly happy being in Farm Sanctuary. Watch her dance in joy when she sees the person that rescued her from a dairy farm.

From Tears of Fear to Tears of Joy

Emma the cow was destined to be slaughtered for meat. Fortunately, she was rescued by kind-hearted people. This heart touching video follows her journey to the sanctuary.

Cow Grieves in Silence her Lost Baby

This mother cow stood still like this for hours, mourning the loss of her newborn baby.

Pig and Cow Comfort Each Other

A loving moment between two soulmates. A truly heart touching video.

Cow Mourns Death of a Family Member

This heartbreaking video shows a cow who is grieving and crying after recognizing the smell of a dead family member in a meat market.

Cow Loves to Play with Pilates Ball

A beautiful video of Lotta, a true happy cow from Sweden who loves to play with her Pilates ball.