The Truth about the Meat Industry: Uncensored

These documentaries reveal the sad and horrifying reality behind the meat industry. The following videos show the lives and deaths of the animals who are tortured for their meat. If it's not good enough for our eyes, why is it good enough for our stomachs?

Lamb Slaughter: The Shocking Reality

Leaked CCTV footage exposes the horrific abuse of lambs during a routine day in a slaughterhouse.

Baby Cows Slaughtered in Front of Each Other

This Swiss abattoir stabs calves in front of each other in order to sell their flesh as "humane meat".

Baby Chicks - Through Their Eyes

A shocking video that captures the horrors baby chicks endure during their first day of life - THROUGH THEIR EYES.

Pig Slaughterhouse, Belgium: Insane Reality

Watch what happens during a routine day at the largest pig slaughterhouses in Belgium. Can we even begin to grasp what these pigs are going through?

Baby Goats Killed for Organic Meat

Don't let labels such as "organic meat" misguide you about the true origin of meat.

Calf Slaughter - The Killing of Baby Cows

Even though it sounds insane, the killing of calves is essential for the production of dairy and meat. The images are hard to watch, but it is vital that people see them.

Cow Slaughter

When seeing the level of violence involved, it's easy to see why so many people choose not to eat meat.

I'm Scared and Don't Want to Die

There is no doubt that animals suffer in slaughterhouses, but are they aware of what is going to happen to them?

Slaughterhouse: 5 Unimaginable Scenes

Though it's hard to believe it, all of the scenes in this powerful video are legal.

Chicken Hatchery – Find why Baby Chicks are Killed

Watch the shocking findings of a thorough investigation into hatcheries that breed chicks for both meat and eggs.

Chicken Slaughter

Watch how the meat industry kills countless of chickens during a short period of time.

Gas Chambers - The Most "Humane" Method to Kill Pigs

Most pigs in Australia, as well as in several countries in Europe, are killed in gas chambers. A hidden camera shows what it looks like on the inside.

Do Fish Feel Pain?

Watch this video to see why the suffering of fish in the fish meat industry is so underrated.

Organic Meat in Germany - The Horrors

Watch how one of the largest slaughterhouses in Germany kills cows before selling their flesh as bio meat.

Mother Pigs Killed with a Sledgehammer

Though hidden from the public, the reality behind pork, bacon and ham is scary.

Workers Toss, Kick & Slaughter Fully Aware Lambs

This is how workers in Spain treat baby lambs during a routine day.

Pig Farms Smash the Heads of Baby Piglets

This new footage from Germany shows how pig farms kill baby pigs when they are weak or injured.

Rabbit Meat

It's hard to imagine places like rabbit farms exist unless you witness it with your own eyes.

Pig Farming Horrors in the UK

The things done to piglets on pig farms are hard to believe unless you see it with your own eyes.

Dutch Pig Farms Horrors - Mother Pigs

Some think that in Europe animals live a happy life, but as this page shows, this is far from the truth.

Mother Pigs Forced to Watch Babies Die

As can be seen in this video, what sows and their babies go through in pig farms is beyond words.

Do Animals Know they are Going to Die?

This video conveys what it must feel like to know you're about to be slaughtered.

Pig Slaughter

This video shows how a high-speed slaughterhouse in the U.S. operates during a routine day.

Eating a Turkey at Thanksgiving (Turkey Slaughter)

Eating a turkey at Thanksgiving dinner is a 2nd nature to many, but what really hides behind this old custom?

Anal-Electrocution of Cows in Australia

Just when you thought you've seen it all from the meat industry...

The Madness Behind Animal Slaughter

What exactly do we pay for when we buy meat? The words of Gary Yourofsky are so powerful.

Halal Slaughter

Many Muslims believe that Halal slaughter is humane and painless, but is it true?

Kosher Slaughter

Many Jewish people believe that Kosher slaughter is quick and merciful, but is this the case?

The White Cow

The story of the white cow is one of the most powerful stories ever told. It's impossible to remain indifferent when watching this video.

How Chicken Wings are Made

This shocking video reveals the horrors chickens go through before their flesh ends up on plates.

Facts about Fish & Sea Animals

If we knew more facts about sea animals and fish in particular, would we care more? Learn how these sea animals see the world.

Baby Turkeys Ground Up Alive

This is what newly born baby turkeys have to go through soon after they hatch.

She's Not Meat - She's My Mommy

This heartbreaking video shows a baby lamb chasing his mother shortly after she was killed for meat.