The chick culling machine you see in this video grinds turkey chicks while they are alive. The footage was captured by L214 inside a turkey hatchery in Bretagne, France. The hatchery breeds turkey chicks and sells them to Turkey farms.

The chicks who are shredded alive were either born too small or are otherwise not according to meat industry standards. The turkey chicks in this video were executed soon after they were born.

In order to blur the horrors behind this vicious practice, the meat industry refers to this as "chick culling". More accurate terms such as "chick shredding", "chick crushing" or "chick grinding", are avoided, and images of what this looks like are never revealed to the public. Thanks to L214, the public now has a rare opportunity to see what is actually happening to these miserable chicks. Not just in France, but all over the world.

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