Animal Love – Videos of Animals Caring & Showing Love

These heart touching videos of animal love show a different side of animals who are usually seen as 'food'.

Animal Hugs Revealing the Power of Love

These epic animal hugs remind us that love is the only way forward. 

Animals Mourn

Do animals mourn the loss of their loved ones?

Geese Saying Goodbye

This animal love story touched the hearts of millions of people in China.

Under The Wings of Love

A loving mother hen protects her babies during a heavy rain in India.

Animals Hug Humans

Animals show their notably strong love to the humans who care for them. This is one of the most beautiful and rewarding animal videos you will ever see.

Animals Grieve

In this emotional video we can see how animals react when they lose someone they love.

Animal Hugs

So many emotions of warmth and love in one video.

Powerful Relationships Between Humans and Animals

This video is dedicated to all those who have opened their hearts to another animal.

Animals Who Love Their Humans

Animals Who Love Their HumansGet ready to have your heart filled with warmth and joy as this heartwarming video showcases the bonds between non-human animals and their humans.

My Best Friend - Meaningful Friendships Between Animals

Watch how non-human animals form meaningful friendships with each other.

Rescued Chickens Show Their Amazing Personalities

You won't believe the amazing personalities of these chickens and the special bonds they have with the humans in their lives.

Pig and Cow Comfort Each Other

A loving moment between two soulmates. A truly heart touching video.

Cow Chases Dairy Farmer to Protect Baby

This mother cow does everything in her power to help her friend keep her baby. An amazing video!

Momma Pig Protects Baby

When she saw her baby was in danger, this caring mother pig did everything she could to save him.

The Best Hug Video

An unbelievably moving hug between a goose and a woman. It’s truly amazing to see the strong love this goose has for his human mom. Watch with sound!

Brave Animals Trying To Save Loved Ones

This extraordinary video features animals risking their own lives to try and save their loved ones from a dangerous situation.

Pig Brings Food to his Injured Brother

His brother has trouble walking, so what does Henry the pig does when lunch arrives?

All Mothers Love Their Babies

The bond that mothers from all species share with their children is particularly strong. This heart touching video provides a rare look into motherhood and animal love.

Cow Grieves in Silence her Lost Baby

This mother cow stood still like this for hours, mourning the loss of her newborn baby.

Crab Protects his Beloved from a Threat

This crab does everything in his power to protect his beloved from a human threat.

Kids & Animals Best Friends

This heartwarming video features a collection of especially beautiful friendships between young children and the animals who love them.

Beautiful Animal Friendships: Duck & Dog

A lovely animal video featuring an unusual couple: dog & duck. These two best friends love to play together and enjoy the company of each other.

Do Animals Mourn Loved Ones?

This heartbreaking video shows a male cow who is grieving and crying after recognizing the smell of a dead family member in a meat market.

A Beautiful Trailer for OKJA

OKJA is one of the most important animal films. Watch the heart touching trailer we've edited for this magnificent film.

Chicken Waits for School Bus Everyday

Every day, Frog the rooster waits for the school bus to arrive home so he can reunite with his human friend. Adorable!

Pig Mourns the Loss of his Close Friend

Spot and Sientje have lived by each other’s side for 13 years. When Sientje passed away, Spot found it very hard to let go.