Videos about Animal Rights and Veganism

These powerful videos examine our behavior towards other animals from an ethical standpoint. Combined, these videos have inspired millions of people to take an active role in helping the animals. Will you watch them as well?

Talks & Lectures

Gary Yourofsky's Speech

This profound speech is our first recommendation for anyone who wants to understand veganism and animal rights thoroughly.

James Aspey's Personal Story

10 minutes of pure inspiration: hear why a big meat eater who doesn't love animals, decided to go vegan.

James Wildman's Presentation

James Wildman's educational presentation on our daily food choices is absolutely brilliant. A must-see for everyone.

The Terror on Animals - Comprehensive Documentaries


EARTHLINGS is the single most powerful & informative documentary about society's tragic use of nonhuman animals. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

Farm to Fridge

Mercy For Animals' landmark 11-minute documentary, revealing the unbearable reality behind meat, eggs and dairy.

Land of Hope and Glory

Land of Hope and Glory documentary is the UK version of Earthlings. The hidden truth behind UK's animal farming is exposed. Narrated by Earhling Ed.

The Meat Industry

Slaughterhouse - 5 Unimaginable Scenes

This powerful video features 5 real scenarios that routinely happen in slaughterhouses.

The White Cow

The story of the white cow in one of the most powerful stories ever told. This video will change your entire perception on meat.

Baby Chicks - Through Their Eyes

A shocking video that captures the horrors baby chicks endure on their first day of life - THROUGH THEIR EYES.

The Egg Industry

Hatcheries – Find why Baby Chicks are Killed

Watch the shocking findings of a thorough investigation into hatcheries that breed chicks for the egg industry and the meat industry.

Ava's Story - Saved at the Last Moment

Like any other hen in the egg industry, Ava was supposed to be killed after a life of suffering in a battery cage. Then, a miracle happened.

The Egg Industry Explained by Erin Janus

The truth about the egg industry is hard to swallow. Watch YouTube vlogger Erin Janus explain the egg industry thoroughly.

The Dairy Industry

Dairy is Scary: Erin Janus exposing the diary industry

YouTube vlogger Erin Janus explains the dairy industry in 5 blistering minutes.

Heartbreaking: The Truth about Goat Milk

Can you imagine just giving birth to your first child, only to have your child snatched away from your forever?

The Truth About New Zealand's Dairy Industry

You wouldn't believe what 4-day old baby calves endure on dairy farms across New Zealand unless you see it with your own eyes.