The Truth about Goat Milk - Mother Goat Loses Baby to the Dairy Industry

Can you imagine just giving birth to your first child, only to have your baby snatched away from you forever? All so that other people could drink the milk you made for your baby. At first impression, this may sound like a twisted horror movie, but it's actually the sad reality for female animals in the dairy industry.

There is a widely-held belief that goat milk is somehow more ‘humane’ than cow's milk. Unfortunately, the Goat Milk Industry is just as violent. Both industries forcibly impregnate the females, take their babies away and then milk the distraught mothers as much as possible before forcibly impregnating them yet again. This horrible cycle continues for a few years only to end with slaughter or with the mothers dying from exhaustion on the dairy farms, whichever comes first.

This video, taken by Glass Walls at a dairy farm of goats, will shatter your heart. The tragic separation between mothers and their young is at the core of all dairy farms. Consuming dairy products, whether the milk was taken from cows, goats, buffalo or sheep, supports and funds this cruel reality.

To make this world a kinder place for mothers and babies, try being vegan for 22 days. We highly recommend joining Challenge22+, a friendly support group on Facebook.

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