Ohio Dairy Farm: Hidden Camera Shows Sadistic Abuse of Cows & Calves

Hidden Cameras inside an Ohio dairy farm expose the utmost sadistic abuse towards cows and their young. This undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals shows what some workers do to the animals when they think nobody is looking.

People with a psychopathic or sadistic tendencies may find it appealing to work in slaughterhouses or factory farms as this allows them to assuage their need for violence without social or legal repercussions. However, many of these workers are just regular people who rely on these jobs to make a living and often do not have other employment options. Indeed, many factory farm or slaughterhouse workers are either illegal workers or are struggling to make ends meet.

The workers who don't take pleasure in harming animals, cannot allow themselves to have empathy for the animals they work with, as that will cause them to feel severe distress and make it mentally impossible to do their jobs. This mental block that the workers put between themselves and the animals they work with, is the reason why animals used for meat, dairy and eggs are almost never shown any mercy. In the eyes of those who work with them, these animals are mere objects, not feeling individuals.

Farm workers are obligated to take part in standard practices that hurt the animals such as inseminating females against their will, taking babies away from their mothers, branding, removing horns without anesthesia, killing or disposing of unwanted animals that can't be sent to slaughter and much more. This is why it's important we don't place the blame on workers, but instead take an honest look at the industry they are employed in.

As more people stop buying dairy  products and start buying plant-based products, new jobs that don't require  torturing animals will become available. This will benefit both the majority of workers who don't want to hurt animals (yet currently have to) and the animals themselves.

In order to help more animals escape a fate of misery, try being vegan for 22 days. We highly recommend joining Challenge 22+, a friendly support group on Facebook.

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