Pregnancy at Slaughter - The Video Every Dairy Consumer Needs to See

Pregnancy at slaughter is a dairy-industry norm, so common that it should lead every person who eats milk or cheese to reconsider their food choices. Although unknown to many people, the slaughter of pregnant cows is very common in the dairy industry, and not just by chance.

Cows can only produce milk after pregnancy and for a limited period of time. This is why dairy farms impregnate the cows about once a year. Giving that a cow's pregnancy lasts 9 months, a typical dairy cow spends most of her adult life being pregnant.

After several pregnancies, the bodies of these poor mother cows get worn out. This leads to trouble in walking or standing up, poor milk quality, abortions, twin pregnancies (which are not profitable since twins have lower survival rates) and more.

At this stage, dairy farms send the "spent" dairy cows to slaughter and replace them with their younger daughters.

Since dairy cows are pregnant most of the year, many of them get sent to slaughter while carrying an unborn baby. In the UK, for example, a study found that more than 20% of the cows were pregnant during their slaughter.

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