A new investigation by Animal Equality reveals how baby turkeys are crushed to death by hatchery workers in Spain.

The footage, that was filmed in 2019, shows the harsh reality for baby turkeys - from the day they hatch to the moment they are slaughtered.

The meat industry uses a breed of turkeys who were genetically enhanced to grow very big in a short amount of time. This was achieved by a method called "selective breeding", where only the biggest turkeys were allowed to breed. After many generations of selective breeding, a new breed of turkeys was created, specifically for the meat industry. Today, all turkey farms around the world use the same breeds of turkeys for meat production.

But growing very big, very quickly, comes with a price on the turkeys' health. Most turkey chicks can survive until their slaughter date, but some chicks are born too weak or even deformed. As a result, hatcheries sort out these chicks who have lower chances of surviving until slaughter. Since meat farms don't want to grow these chicks, they are crushed alive inside the hatchery on their first day of life.

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