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This footage of goats and sheep killed for meat using gas chambers, was obtained by a university student who took a placement at a slaughterhouse, as part of their Animal Science degree. With the assistance of both Aussie Farms and Animals Within, we can now see what happens to goats and sheep who arrive at Picton Meatworx, one of Australia’s biggest slaughterhouses.

After long a and hard transportation from the farms, the animals are kept inside the slaughterhouse in holding pens. There, many become very anxious as a result of being in a new place that has both frightening sounds (such as screams) and terrifying smells (such as blood and stress hormones). Sadly, animals who are taken to slaughterhouses are usually kept in holding pens for long hours, sometimes even days.

When their turn arrives, the goats and sheep are moved from the holding pens and into a cage. Once inside, the cage will start to descend to a well filled with CO2 gas. The deeper they go into the well, the higher the concentration of CO2 gas. Inhaling CO2 in high concentrations causes a lot of distress in the animals, who can be seen screaming and trying desperately to escape. 

 After a couple of minutes, the cage is lifted, and the unconscious animals are taken out and moved to slaughter. Once the animals start to breathe oxygen, it’s only a matter of time before they regain consciousness. In theory, the animals should be cut during the seconds in which they are unconscious. In practice, there are no guarantees and conscious animals undergo the slaughter process as well.

In a time where the Australian government is working towards making it illegal to document the cruelty inside farms and slaughterhouses, organizations such as Aussie Farms and Animals Within, are working hard to show the public what is happening to the animals.

In order to help more animals escape a fate of misery, try to be vegan for 22 days! We highly recommend to join Challenge 22+ for both free guidance and support.

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