In this heartbreaking video we can see what is done to baby piglets on pig farms all around the world. This time, we get a view inside dutch pig farms, as captured by the local organization Animal Rights International.

To learn the truth behind the so called high welfare standards in the Netherlands, a caring person applied for jobs at different dutch pig farms. The violence he saw will surely forever haunt him.

As can be seen, workers torture the piglets in many ways: they cut tails, grind teeth, tag ears and inject drugs.

Cutting the tails of piglets, also known as 'tail-docking', is of course unbelievably painful since the tail is an organ just like a finger or a leg. This violent act is done because pigs on pig farms become so miserable, that they start to hurt each other.

When pig farms noticed that pigs chew the tails of each other out of complete despair, they decided to simply cut the tails themselves. The despair remains of course, but now, pig farms don't have to worry about additional injuries.

This violent act serves the same purpose as cutting the babies' tails. Painful machines grind into the teeth, to make the teeth less sharp. The babies scream in agony, as their helpless mothers who are between bars are forced to watch.

To top all of this violence, workers also tag the ears of babies and inject antibiotics and other drugs. Without huge amounts of drugs, these baby piglets would not survive in the filthy warehouses we call pig farms.

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