The following images were captured by Equalia, at a slaughterhouse of baby lambs located in Castile and León. Instead of being safe with their mothers, these terrified babies are alone with no adult sheep in sight. As can be seen through the hidden camera, the poor lambs are treated with immense violence and disregard.

To begin with, workers throw and kick the lambs to move them from the holding areas to the next station. Once they've moved, the babies start to walk around anxiously and some try to return to the holding areas.

Before they are hung, the babies are supposed to be stunned, to make them less conscious. However, this is also the part where the workers feel comfortable to take breaks and not work.

The completely aware lambs are then hanged by their leg, one by one, to be knifed to death. The lambs who were hung upside down kick desperately, since they are so scared and completely aware. Then, another worker cuts their throats, despite seeing they are fully aware. Slaughtered lambs who manage to kick hard enough, fall to the floor and slowly die there.

Notably, the slaughter of animals while they are conscious is a known sight in slaughterhouses. This is because meat eaters can't tell if the meat is from an animal who was fully conscious during slaughter. As a result, slaughterhouses and their workers don't care how aware the animals are, or how much they suffer.

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