In this video by Deutsches Tierschutzbüro ‏we get to see the reality behind organic meat in Germany. This new footage was filmed at one of the largest slaughterhouses of cows in Germany, “Standard-Fleisch”, located in Oldenburg, Germany.

In addition to being one of the biggest slaughterhouses in Germany, this place is also certified to kill cows from "bio" (organic) farms. As a result, this facility kills cows from bio farms at least once a week. And if that's not enough, since 2017 this slaughterhouse is in business with the Goldschmaus Gruppe, a huge German meat company that "cares" about animal welfare.

As can be seen, the terrified cows that arrive here are electrocuted in order to get them to move. The electric shocks are very painful and they add a lot of stress to the poor cows. As they walk more and more, the smell of blood becomes stronger and so do the frightening sounds. But there is no way to escape, and so the fear becomes stronger and stronger.

After being shot with a bolt gun to the head, the cows then fall to the killing area. In theory, all the cows should be unconscious before the workers start to stab them to death. In practice, cows arrive at the killing area when they are completely aware and awake.

The terrified cows start to kick but the workers just stab them either way. In this video we can see workers hit the cows who were stabbed, in addition to stabbing the same cow multiple times. After being stabbed, the conscious cows are hanged by one leg. Since cows are so heavy, hanging them from just one leg causes immense pressure on the leg. This act alone causes so much pain, not to mention that cows are also bleeding to death at the same time.

This footage is just one of a series of investigations of German slaughterhouses during 2018. Every single time that animal rights activists manage to film inside German slaughterhouses, horrors are revealed. Although some slaughterhouses were closed down in Germany due to animal cruelty, this footage provides a recent example of how the system is failing time after time.

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