This innocent cow is trying to escape the most horrible place invented by humanity - the slaughterhouse. Filmed by Linas Korta, this heartbreaking video shows what animals endure during slaughter.

This cow was so terrified that she tried to crawl underneath the door to get out, despite the fact that cows don't crawl. This is how scared she was. This is how much she wanted to get the hell out of there.

But slaughterhouses are built so the animals won't be able to escape. And sadly, she was dead right to be scared. What happened next is nothing short of pure torture. And for what?

Like many other animals, this cow went through a stunning process that clearly did not make her unconscious. This is all too common in slaughterhouses. Countless animals are being subjected to violent stunning procedures that hurt terribly, without achieving the purpose of unconsciousness.

Then, further torture is inflicted on this innocent soul, who has done nothing to deserve it. How can we look at ourselves in the mirror and justify the existence of these places, of slaughterhouses? How can we continue to take part in the torture of innocent animals, who are just as sweet and worthy as our beloved dogs and cats?

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