Mother Cow & Baby Reunite One Last Time – The Cruel Dairy Industry

Watch the incredible, yet heart-breaking moment of a baby cow reuniting with his mother after they were separated. Tragically, this was the last moment they shared together as a few days later, the baby was sent to slaughter.

Many people are not aware of how cruel the dairy industry is and have no idea that all dairy farms take the babies away from their mothers shortly after birth. They do not know that the cows and their calves suffer serious emotional and psychological distress due to this forced separation.

It is important to note that all mammals, including cows, are only able to produce milk after being pregnant. This is why dairy farms need to constantly impregnate their cows (in most farms the farmers forcibly inseminate the cows by penetrating them with bull semen which they order).

Cows go through a nine-month pregnancy, just like humans and because cows are regularly impregnated, many babies are produced. Given that the main profit for dairy farms comes from milk, all babies are taken away from their mothers shortly after birth so that they don’t nurse.

All the baby boys (named “bobby calves” in some farms) are sent to slaughter since they are not able to produce milk. In addition, as these “bobby calves” come from a breed that doesn’t grow as big as the breed used for meat, it is unprofitable to keep them alive on any commercial farm for more than a few months. Baby girls are mostly kept alive so that they can replace their mothers and become milk machines.

To make this world a kinder place for mothers and babies, try being vegan for 22 days. To begin with, we recommend joining Challenge 22+, a friendly support group on Facebook.

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