COVID-19: The Other Side of the Story

COVID-19: The Other Side of the Story

Covid-19 changed things. For the first time in our lives, we were collectively denied the freedom ability to walk outside as we please. And although staying inside is for our own good, and despite being comfortable, we can’t help but feel trapped. Both physically and mentally.

But luckily for us, this situation is only temporary. However, for billions of other animals, it’s not. These animals are being denied this most basic freedom from the day they are born, until the day they die. They are being kept in zoos, laboratories and most of all, on farms.

Mother pigs used for breeding piglets for meat, and hens used for laying eggs, are not only denied the freedom to walk outside, but they are also denied the act of walking altogether. These miserable animals are being kept in cages so small, they can’t even take a couple of tiny steps in one direction.

The good news is that each and every one of us holds tremendous power over how many animals will be deprived of the most basic freedoms. We are the real decision-makers. Not governments and certainly not the abusive industries themselves.

More powerful animal rights clips:

Casa de Carne

This award-winning short film will leave most viewers speechless and with a lot to think about.


Produced by Mercy For Animals, this powerful piece manages to touch the heart deeply.

Through Their Eyes

A shocking video that captures the horrors baby chicks endure on their first day of life - THROUGH THEIR EYES.

The Ultimate Evil

With poignant words, coming straight from his heart, David Coles is able to make us see our actions for what they are.

Could You Imagine Yourself in Their Place?

A short video that manages to touch the heart deeply.

Animals Ask Humans: What Are We?

This powerful video raises the question animals should be asking humans: What are we?

COVID-19: The Other Side of the Story

For us it was temporary, but what about the other animals?

The Lesson We Have Yet To Learn From COVID-19

A reflection on how our behavior towards other animals compares to what Covid-19 did to us.

How Much Animals Want To Live?

This incredible video shows how much animals want to live.

Heroic Animals

This extraordinary video features animals risking their own lives to try and save their loved ones from a dangerous situation.

Can You See The World Through Their Eyes?

This short video deeply moves the heart by showing how much sorrow we cause other animals.

Can You Imagine Being in the Animals' Place?

This heart touching video sheds some light on the tragic lives of so many animals around the world.

The White Cow

The story of the white cow is one of the most powerful stories ever told. This video will change your entire perception of meat.

Farm to Fridge - 4 Minute Version

The short version of Mercy For Animals' landmark documentary, reveals the unbearable reality behind animal products.

Real-life Animal Heroes

These animals are so courageous, they make action movie actors look like amateurs.

5 Unimaginable Scenarios from Inside a Slaughterhouse

This powerful video features five real scenarios that routinely happen in slaughterhouses.

Food For Thought

From the same team as Casa de Carne, this short film delivers a powerful message in a brilliant way.

Animals Are Not Things (Graphic)

Animals Are Not Things is a shocking video about our treatment of other animals.

Factory Farming: The Truth is Hard to Swallow

This powerful ad left a lot of viewers in shock while it played in movie theaters.

We Made Them Helpless

An eye-opening video about the shocking methods that humans use to make farmed animals weak and helpless.

Last Moment of Grace

Watch the incredible, yet heart-breaking moment of a baby cow reuniting with his mother after they were separated.

Earthlings - Unofficial Trailer

A spectacular trailer for maybe the most powerful documentary of all time.

Hug a Dog - Animal Asking for Love

A beautiful video that delivers a message of compassion in a creative way.

Animals Grieve

In this emotional video we can see how animals react when they lose someone they love.

The Fate of Male Baby Calve in the Dairy Industry

This heart touching video doesn't show how the short lives of male calves end, but it does raise a vital question.

Here's to Moms

Dedicated to mother's day, this video from Mercy For Animals will touch your heart deeply.

The Hidden Lives of Hens

This amazing video shows the natural and normal needs of hens. These needs are never met during their tragic lives in the egg industry.

A Parallel World - If Animals Acted Like Humans

Powerful art shows us what it's like to be an animal in today's world.

Can you Guess what these Girls are Watching?

Watch how young teenagers react when they see for the first time the inside of factory farms. This brilliant video went viral and was watched by millions.

I'd Love To Eat Meat Again

Ninja Warrior winner, Tim Shieff, speaks from the heart and touches the soul deeply.

My Story

The heart touching story of a mother whose baby was taken away from her.

The Life of a Chicken

The life of a chicken raised for meat, from the chicken’s point of view.

The Life of a Dairy Cow

Learn about the life of dairy cows, through the eyes of one dairy cow.

The Life of a Mother Pig

Learn about the life of mother pigs from one pig's point of view.

Dominion Trailer

A powerful trailer for an extraordinary documentary.

Standard Practice

Everything you're about to witness in this powerful video is considered standard & acceptable by the industry.

Animals Are Not Trash

Animals Are Not Trash gives a shocking look about the ways we treat other animals.

I Am...

A heart touching short video about the ways we, humans, see animals.

You Would Never Do This Yourself

An emotional video about 6 things we will never do to animals.

The Story of a Newborn Piglet

A heart touching video about a piglet who got stuck in a gate on a pig farm in Germany.

Crushing Baby Chicks in India

The heartbreaking story of male chicks in India's egg industry.

Why Vegan?

Abrilliant video that covers some of the reasons why the word "vegan" can evokes such emotional responses.

Bacon in Reverse

Produced by PETA, this short clip uses creativity to reveal where bacon comes from.

Glass of Milk in Reverse

Produced by PETA, this short clip uses creativity to reveal where milk comes from.

Chicken in Reverse

Produced by PETA, this short video reveals where chicken wings and chicken nuggets come from in a unique way.

Peace on Earth

We humans constantly speak and pray for peace on earth. But are our actions aligned with this prayer?

All Babies

All babies want to play, learn and love. Will we be kind enough to allow them to fulfill their needs?

The Madness Behind Animal Slaughter

What exactly do we pay for when we buy meat? The words of Gary Yourofsky are so powerful.

Bearing Witness to Pigs - Animal Save Movement

In memory of Regan Russell, this heartfelt video features the peaceful act of bearing witness to pigs.

Thousand Eyes

Produced by Farm Transparency Project, this powerful video can encourage any viewer to take action to end the injustice towards animals.


From the same director as Casa de Carne, this short film delivers an important message in a powerful way.

In Every Way That Matters

Produced by Mercy For Animals, this heart touching video makes a powerful comparison between companion animals and farmed animals.