Food for Thought: The Fine Line Between "Pets" and "Farm Animals"

In Food for Thought, the thought-provoking video by Last Chance for Animals, we get a look into an fascinating parallel world. In this world, dogs are bred and killed for meat, while animals such as pigs, chickens and cows are viewed as loved pets and individuals with feelings.

But the truth is that even in this world, chickens, cows, pigs and lambs can be easily labeled as “pets”. In fact, many people already know that much like dogs, these animals are just as capable of loving and bonding with the humans in their lives.

So what makes us ignore the feelings of some animals for the sake of eating their flesh, while we treat other animals as members of our family? According to James Wildman, we do this because of fictional stories that we were told growing up, stories that we continue to pass on to every new generation.

The good news are that we don’t have to blindly follow the fictional stories that our culture invented. Whether we come from a culture that glorifies the slaughter of dogs or cows, we can always choose compassion instead.

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