Ellsworth Wareham, Oldest Known Vegan, Celebrates his 104th Birthday

Ellsworth Wareham

Ellsworth Wareham, a retired heart surgeon from Loma Linda, California and the oldest known vegan, celebrates his 104th birthday today.

Amazingly, Dr. Wareham has worked as a cardiothoracic surgeon until the age of 95.

A few years back, when the vegan centenarian turned 100, CNN's Sanjay Gupta interviewed Ellsworth Wareham to his show.

During his interview with CNN's Chief medical correspondent, Dr. Wareham talks about his vegan diet and explains why there is no chance he's going to get a heart attack.

Despite his age, Dr. Wareham can still walk regularly and drive in his car. The oldest known vegan credits his superb health to his vegan diet and his calm approach to life .

Dr. Wareham and his wife Barbara live in Loma Linda, California, which is one of the world's “blue zones".

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