Sick Violence Against Turkeys at an ‘Ethical’ Free-Range Farm in the UK

Sick Violence Against Turkeys at an ‘Ethical’ Free-Range Farm in the UK

This horrifying footage was captured by Animal Defenders International at an 'ethical' free-range farm in Essex. At £70- £130 for each (dead) turkey, the free-range farm assures its customers that all 2,500 turkeys had an enjoyable life. However, as can be seen, this ‘ethical’ free-range farm is just a huge and crowded warehouse.

Just in time for this year’s Christmas, the farm set about to send all the turkeys to slaughter. In 3 hours, the workers kicked and hit the terrified turkeys, in order to cram them inside transportation crates. To save on transportation costs, 9 turkeys were crammed inside each crate. The poor turkeys could be kept inside these crates until their slaughter, which may take more than 24 hours.

The workers violently grab the animals by delicate parts such as the wings, which have small bones that can be broken by human force. Then, they continue to shove the desperate turkeys to the crates, trapping wings and injuring more body parts. Some workers use their entire body weight to shove more turkeys inside already full crates.

One turkey that attempted to escape was grabbed by the neck and slammed headfirst. We can also see a worker who is using what seems to be a dead turkey, in order to hit other turkeys that try to run away. All the while, turkeys cry out in desperation, and who can blame them?

So what can I do to help?

In order to help more animals escape a fate of misery, please give vegan food a try. For an easy start, join Challenge 22 to get free guidance and support for 22 days.

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