Slaughterhouse Workers Boiling Pigs Alive

A new undercover investigation at Strath Meats abattoir in Australia reveals extremely violent treatment of animals.

The horrific footage shows workers drowning pigs in boiling water. Slaughterhouses use boiling water to remove the pigs hairs off. Theoretically, pigs should reach the hair-removal part of the process when they are unconscious.

The investigation reveals a troubling pattern of many animals who reach the boiling water tanks when they are still conscious. In addition, calves and lambs who were brought to the slaughterhouse were documented to be handled very roughly.

The Australian group, Animal Liberation, released the hidden camera footage, following an undercover investigation that lasted several months.

Animal Liberation's spokesperson stated: "this is happening right now, all across the country. Last week, we saw footage from a Victorian slaughterhouse showing workers kicking the decapitated heads of sheep like footballs."

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