Many people, especially people in European countries, believe that in their country, the animals used for meat, dairy or eggs lead happy and healthy lives. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. The vast majority of animals used for meat, dairy or eggs are kept in horrendous living conditions because it is more profitable. Furthermore, in many ways, animals in more industrially developed countries suffer more than animals raised in less (economically) developed countries.

This investigation takes us inside the biggest hatchery for 'laying' hens in Sweden. This hatchery provides more than 50% of the chicks used by the egg industry in the country. As made evident in the video, the conditions in which the breeding animals are kept in could not be much worse

All commercial egg farms buy their female chicks from hatcheries such as this one. Since the male chicks cannot lay eggs, they will be destroyed inside the hatchery and only the females will be sold to egg farms where they will be forced to lead short and miserable lives. Despite what nature intended, these chicks will never be granted the right to unite with their loving mothers, no matter how loud they cry for them.

In order to help more animals escape a fate of misery, try being vegan for 22 days. We highly recommend joining Challenge 22+, a friendly support group on Facebook.

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